Links for Writers November 2014

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A few useful and interesting writing-related blog posts and articles I discovered during November. Enjoy!

1. The 3 Essentials That Determine Your Writing Success by Marcy McKay at Positive 

2. 39 Great Books on Writing by Bryan Hutchinson at Positive

3. A Writer'a Cheatsheet to Plot and Structure by Matt Herron at The Write

4. Unusual Work Habits of Great Writers by Shari Stauch at Where Writers Win  

5. 15 Ways to Write A Novel by Max Barry at Aerogramme Writers' Studio 

6. Twitterific Writing Links by Elizabeth S. Craig at Elizabeth Spann

7. Timecraft - Squeezing the Most Out of Your Writing Schedule by Tristan Gregory at Mythic Scribes 

8. Forget Heroes: Why Heroines Are Important by Tomás Peñalver and Martha Conway on Writer Unboxed

Found any great books or articles on writing lately? : )