Links for Writers (August, September, October 2014)



The last few months have been, well, busy. I was out of the country for most of September, gallivanting about the glorious English countryside, attending an amazing week-long writing retreat with Kate Forysth in the Cotswolds, and researching my novel-in-progress in the beautiful Black Forest in Germany.

I spent August preparing for said trip, September actually tripping it, and October recovering, typing notes, gathering my research finds, and writing. Even so, I managed to find some great writing articles and resources on the wide wide world of web...

1. Words of Wisdom from Kim Wilkins and Kimberley Freeman at the Australian Writers' Centre

Kim Wilkins (who also writes as Kimberley Freeman) is a new discovery for me. I had heard of her, of course, and  she was high on my to-read list, but it wasn't until I was preparing for the UK writing retreat with Kate Forsyth that I would actually sit down with one of Kim's books. The book was Wildflower Hill and it was one of a number of titles chosen for us by Kate as pre- retreat reading. I loved Wildflower Hill (and am loving my current read, Giants of the Frost, too) but that's not the only reason Kim Wilkins is rapidly climbing my personal 'favourite authors' chart- her thoughts on the process and craft of writing are as entertaining as her books, and, as an added bonus, she swears beautifully. Check out Kim's posts Plot Driven Versus Character Driven? All Bullshit, Read, and Let Read, and, my personal favourite, The Joys of Being a Plotter.

2. The Rules of Writing According to 20 Famous Writers from Writers' Digest

3. How To Find Time to Write: Advice from the Experts by Valerie Khoo at The Australian Writers Centre

4. The Top 5 Free Apps that Help You Write Your Novel from

5. When to Revise What in Your Novel by Janice Hardy at Janice Hardy's Fiction University

6. How to Write Compelling and Balanced Backstory by Elizabeth Spann Craig

7. Vanilla Coconut Muffins at Baking 

OK, so the last one has absolutely nothing to do with writing. Nevertheless, the muffins were delicious and are worthy of recognition.

Have you found any good writing articles lately?