Links for Writers (June 2014)

I read a lot of articles about writing on the web. Here are some of my favourite finds from the last few weeks... 1. When We're Forced to Work Outside Our Own Writing Boxes by Tracy Hahn-Burkett at Writer Unboxed. This is a lovely article for those of us out there who are time- starved and writing when we can, not when we'd like to.

Image: Writer Unboxed

Image: Writer Unboxed

2. The Four Story Openings That Put People Off (And How To Avoid Them) by Bronwyn Hemus at Standout Books

A great article for anyone who struggles with beginnings (like me!)

3. Social Media for Writers #1: Blogging by Allison Tait at

I always find something interesting at Allison's website. This interview with Jane Friedman really helped clarify the whole writer/blogging thing for me.

4. 100 Twitter Hash Tags Every Writer Should Know by Aerogramme Writers Studio

5. The good people at Aerogramme also regularly put together a great list of opportunities for writers. Definitely worth checking out!

Have you found any great writing articles online lately?